Board Members


 Name  Position  Length of Term (Year)
 John A. Dorsch  President  Four years (2022)
 Scott Brazil  Vice President  Four years (2020)
 Clay S. Fitzsimmons  Secretary  Four years (2020)
 Fred J. Bregar  Treasurer  Four years (2022)
 Anthony A. Andenucio  Director  Four years (2020)
 Joe Mauro  Director  Four years (2020)
 Warren Chambers  Director  Four years (2022)





Acceptable Payment

The District is now accepting Credit Card Payments


The District accepts credit card payments online and at the District office. To pay online click the pay Bill tab. Payments by credit online will be charged user fees by the service provider. To proceed you will need to know the amount owed and your account number. The District cannot take a card number over the phone. This is for your security and the Districts.

Board Meetings

The SCMWD Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The 2020 dates are listed below. The meeting agenda is posted at the District office.

2020 Calendar

Apr. 8
May 13 June 10
July 8 Aug. 12
Sept. 9 Oct. 14
Nov. 11 Dec. 9