New or Increased Water Services


Click here to download a copy of the New or Incr. Water Service Notice (in pdf)






PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Directors of the St. Charles Mesa Water District ("District") has adopted a new regulation governing the provision of new or increased water service within the District ("Regulation"). A copy of the Regulation is attached hereto. The Regulation modifies the District's previous requirements concerning the provision of shares of stock In the Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company ("Ditch Company") to the District. The Board of Directors ("Board") has also established a Water Bank from which shares of stock in the Ditch Company may be purchased by District landowners who desire to receive new or increased water service, but who do not have Ditch Company stock available to them. As stated in the Regulation, the Board reserves the right to refuse to provide Ditch Company shares from the Water Bank to any applicant the Board determines, in its discretion, to have available Ditch Company shares from other sources, of if Ditch Company shares formerly associated with the area for which new or increased service is requested have been sold or severed after May 10, 2006, or if the number of shares requested exceeds twenty (20) shares. Please refer to the text of the Regulation for other relevant provisions.

PLEASE NOTE that Section 19.01 (H) of the District's regulations, which has not been modified, provides that the District may withdraw its commitment for water service to any property for which the subdivision plan was not finally approved by the Pueblo County Commissioners within two (2) years of submission of an application for water service to the District.



Acceptable Payment

The District is now accepting Credit Card Payments


The District accepts credit card payments online and at the District office. To pay online click the pay Bill tab. Payments by credit online will be charged user fees by the service provider. To proceed you will need to know the amount owed and your account number. The District cannot take a card number over the phone. This is for your security and the Districts.

Board Meetings

The SCMWD Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The 2020 dates are listed below. The meeting agenda is posted at the District office.

2020 Calendar


Sept. 9 Oct. 14
Nov. 11 Dec. 9

Yearly Water Rate Tables

Below is a yearly list of the past water rate tables as approved by the St. Charles Mesa Water District Board:
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Water Tap Fees

Below is the Water Tap Fees table for the St. Charles Mesa Water District (in pdf):

Watering Guide

waterguidecover.jpg Below is an informational Lawn Watering Guide for Southeastern Colorado provided by Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District.
To download a copy of the Lawn Watering Guide, click here. (in pdf)