Escrow Receipt

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St. Charles Mesa Water District (the District) hereby acknowledges receipt of the following documents and things from___________________________________(collectively, the Applicant) this__________day of___________________, 20_________:

(r)   The sum of $500.00 in the form of_______________________________.

(s)   Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company (the Company) stock certificate number___________________________representing___________________share of stock in the Company, standing in the name of Applicant;

(t)   Special Warranty Deed conveying the above described stock to the District, dated_________________________________; and,

(u)   Stock Assignment separate from Certificate authorizing the Secretary of the Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company to transfer the above described shares of stock to the District on the books and records of the Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company.

The funds and documents are being delivered to the District by the Applicant in conjunction with Applicant’s application for water service by the District, as set out in detail in the Agreement Respecting the Provision of Water and Providing of Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company Stock, between District and Applicant dated .

District shall hold in escrow and subsequently deal with the above described funds, stock certificate and special warranty deed as provided under the terms of the Agreement Respecting the Provision of Water and Providing of Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company Stock.

St. Charles Mesa Water District


   David K. Simpson District Manager

Acceptable Payment

The District is now accepting Credit Card Payments


The District accepts credit card payments online and at the District office. To pay online click the pay Bill tab. Payments by credit online will be charged user fees by the service provider. To proceed you will need to know the amount owed and your account number. The District cannot take a card number over the phone. This is for your security and the Districts.

Board Meetings

The SCMWD Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The 2020 dates are listed below. The meeting agenda is posted at the District office.

2020 Calendar

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Water Rate Tables

Below is a yearly list of the past water rate tables as approved by the St. Charles Mesa Water District Board:
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