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Article III - General Policy

Click here to download a copy of the Article III - General Policy (in pdf)

3.00 Donations.

The District does not make charitable contributions.

3.01 Policy Respecting Acquisition of Bessemer Ditch Stock.

The District shall not hereafter enter into any transaction for the purchase of shares of stock in the Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Company unless the District's obligation of payment for the shares is specifically and absolutely conditioned upon the seller having transferred the water represented by such shares of stock into a lateral of the District's choice. There shall be no payment by the District of any monies, except it's initial earnest money deposit (if required and not to exceed 10% of the total contract purchase price), unless and until the water represented by the shares being purchased is unconditionally transferred into a lateral designated by the District.

3.02 Service Request.

District responses to service requests will be subject to the Service Charges set forth in Article XI, Section 11.05 (E) of these Regulations.

3.03 Travel Policy.

District officials and employees shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred while conducting business on behalf of the District.
Out of state travel will be reimbursed at prevailing airline coach fare from Pueblo to the approved destination. Individuals may use their personal vehicles or commercial transportation other than air; in such cases, reimbursement for use of personal vehicle or other commercial transportation will be at the prevailing airline economy fare rate. In the case of employees traveling on District business, the District Manager will be the final authority on the amount of work time allowed for travel when personal vehicle or commercial transportation is used.
When a personal car is used for in-state travel, reimbursement will be at the then current Standard Mileage Rate for employees and self-employed individuals allowed by the Internal Revenue Service in computing deductible costs of operating an automobile for business purposes.
Per diem reimbursement for meals and lodging shall be at the then current rate for Colorado as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service referencing U.S. General Services Administration regulations for per diem reimbursement of federal government employees.
Where per diem rates are authorized and used, no receipts are necessary.
In the event per diem travel is not authorized, records sufficient to support claimed travel expense shall be kept and submitted to treasurer for possible reimbursement of such reasonable and necessary travel expenses at the conclusion of the trip..