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Article II - Notices

Click here to download a copy of the Article II - Notices (in pdf)

2.00 General.

Unless otherwise provided by any specific rule or regulation of the District, whenever a notice, resolution, order or other matter is required to be published or mailed, it shall be done in accordance with the provisions of this Article.

2.01 Secretary.

Whenever any notice, resolution, order or other matter is required to be published or mailed and the duty of accomplishing same is not specifically delegated to any officer or person, the Secretary shall cause it to be done.

2.02 Mailing.

Mailing shall be by first class mail, postage prepaid and addressed to owners or customers at least ten days prior to the stated time or event. The notices shall be mailed to the address furnished by the owner or customer or the District.

2.03 Sufficiency of Notice.

No notice other than that specifically provided for in this Article or in any rule or regulation of the District shall be necessary to give validity to any proceeding.

2.04 Proof.

Proof of publication or mailing of any notice, resolution or other matter may be made or effected by:

  1. The owner, publisher, printer, foreman, clerk or other authorized representative of a newspaper in which the publication was made, or
  2. The mailer of the notice, or
  3. A person having knowledge of the fact.

2.05 Failure of Publication.

The failure to publish any notice or to publish it a lesser number of times or for a lesser period of time, as herein provided, or the failure to accurately publish the same, will not affect the validity of any proceedings.

2.06 Failure in Mailing.

The failure of any person to receive any notice which has been mailed to him shall not affect the validity of any procedure, provided that such notice has been mailed as in this Article provided.