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Article IX - Water Meter Assembly

Click here to download a copy of the Article IX - Water Meter Assembly (in pdf)

9.00 Ownership and Maintenance.

  1. The purchase of a water tap by a customer provides the customer with the right to receive water service for the specific parcel of property identified in the tap application form.
  2. Upon purchase of a water tap, the customer does not own any tangible asset as the meter pit and associated equipment remains the property of the District.
  3. The customer's right to receive water service is specifically tied to the land and that right to service does remain with the property.

9.01 Tampering with Water Meter Sets Prohibited.

  1. It shall be a violation of District Rules and Regulations for any person to open, interfere with, damage, or deface, or in any way impair the working of any water meter or meter set. It shall also be a violation for any person, other than a duly authorized representative of the District, to remove any water meter from its setting. Connections for sprinkling systems or any other type of connection will not be allowed inside the water meter vault.
  2. Any person who tampers with any meter shall be charged a penalty of $500.00, together with all District costs associated with the repair or replacement of the meter.

9.02 Copper Meter Yokes With Stops.

Every service line connection installed by the District shall be equipped with a copper meter yoke with a stop. Such stop (valve) is intended for the use of the District in controlling the water supply through the building service line. If the stop is damaged by the customer's use to an extent requiring replacement, such replacement shall be at the customer's expense.

9.03 Interconnection of Premises Prohibited.

A water service line cannot serve more than one parcel or property.  No water service line shall be extended from one parcel of land to another parcel. If a water service line is so extended, the water service to both parcels will be discontinued by the District unless the extension is removed. A water service line may be used to serve a Guest House as defined and limited in Section 6.01 (A)(a). If the use of water at the Guest House is anticipated to exceed 180 consecutive days, the customer may submit a written request to the Board of Directors for an extension for up to an additional 60 consecutive days. Any such extension granted by the Board will result in the owner of the service tap being charged a double minimum based on the applicable water service rate then in effect for the term of the extension.

9.04 Meter Testing.

A service charge in the then current amount as set by the Board of Directors shall be paid in advance for testing a water meter if the test is by customer request. If the meter is defective the service charge will be refunded.

9.05 Change in Location of Meter Equipment.

Meter equipment moved for the convenience of the customer will be relocated at the customer's expense. Meter moved to protect the District's property will be moved at the District's expense.

9.06 Tap Transfers from One Parcel to Another Within the District.

Tap transfers from one parcel of land to another are possible subject to the following conditions:

  1. The proposed Transferor must provide proof to the District that the property currently being served by the tap is free and clear of property liens. Should a lien exist the property owner must obtain the lien holder's written approval to the proposed transfer.
  2. A copy of the Transferor's and Transferee’s deeds.
  3. All water charges paid in full.
  4. Completed Transfer Application.
  5. Payment, in advance, of the then current transfer fee as set by the Board of Directors.
  6. All transfers are subject to Board approval, based upon a review of the needs and service capabilities of the District at the time of the request.

9.07 Access.

It shall be a violation of District rules and Regulations for any customer to obstruct the access to the water meter set by planting shrubbery, trees, or any other type of physical obstruction. Existing shrubbery, trees, or any other type of plants must be kept trimmed so as not to obstruct the water meter set. Failure to provide proper access upon notice is just cause for the District to discontinue service to the property or relocate the water meter set at customer's expense.