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Article I - General Provisions

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ARTICLE I - General Provisions

1.00 Declaration of Purpose: The rules and regulations contained herein are necessary and desirable to establish standards for the operations of the St. Charles Mesa Water District of Pueblo, Colorado, hereafter referred to as the "District."

1.01 General Definitions: Following are definitions of words or terms as they are used in these rules and regulations:

  1. Applicant. The person making application for a water tap to connect to the District's water system. He/she shall be the owner of the premises to be served, or his authorized agent.
  2. Board. The Board of Directors of the District.
  3. Building. Any structure containing sanitary facilities and used for human habitation, as a place for business, recreation or like purposes, including mobile homes.
  4. Connection Charge. The customer connection fee. (Tap fee).
  5. Contractor. Any individual, firm, corporation, partnership, or association duly licensed by the State of Colorado, and/or the regional building authority engaged to perform the type of work to be done under a building permit.
  6. Cross Connection. Any physical connection between the piping system between any building water service and any water supply other than the District water supply, whereby water from another source may be forced or drawn into the District distribution mains.
  7. Customer. Any person, partnership, corporation, governmental agency or tenant supplied with water service by the District.
    1. Residential Customer - A customer receiving Residential Service.
    2. Commercial Customer - Any customer receiving Commercial Service.
  8. Developer. The person, firm, joint venture, partnership or corporation which is the owner of land and is subdividing the land for re sale and seeks to have the subdivided land served by the District.
  9. District Manager: The person appointed by the Board to manage the District.
  10. Employee. "Employee" shall refer to an individual who works under the control of the District. The term "employee" specifically excludes any person or organization contracting to perform services or acting for the District as an independent contractor.
  11. "Lot" and "Parcel": Each of those terms shall mean and refer to a section of land listed as under a single parcel munber in the books and records of the Pueblo County Assessor..
  12. Types of Service Provided: The District provides only the following types of water service:
    1. Residential Service: Service for general residential purposes, including multi-family dwelling units with a single structure and under one ownership, provided that the main use of the water is attributable to the primary dwelling unit.
    2. Commercial Service: Service for all purposes other than Residential Service.
  13. Water Meter Assembly. "Water meter assembly" is defined as the complete unit required for measuring water delivered to the customer's property. This complete unit includes the meter, meter pit (can), frostproof cover, meter yoke, connections, and piping from the meter to the District's water main.
  14. Water Service Line. A "water service line" is the pipe carrying water from the water meter assembly to a building or other point of use on the property. All costs for installation, maintenance, and/or replacement shall be borne by the property owner..