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Article IV - Ownership and Operation of Water System

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4.00 Responsibilities of District.

The District is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system and treatment works, which operation and maintenance shall be carried out in a sound and economical manner, in accordance with these Rules and Regulations. It shall not be liable or responsible for inadequate treatment or interruption of service brought about by circumstances beyond its control. The District is generally responsible for providing capital facilities, and shall endeavor to plan for, capitalize and build adequate capital improvements as rapidly as possible consistent with fiscal responsibility and the best interests of the District; but the District shall not be liable or responsible for failure to approve additional service when capacity is exceeded by demand.

4.01 Ownership of Facilities.

All existing and future mains and treatment works connected with and forming an integral part of the water system shall become and are the property of the District, unless any contract with owner or customer provides otherwise. Said ownership will remain valid whether the mains and treatment works are constructed, financed, paid for, or otherwise acquired by the District, or by other persons. Any such waiver, suspension or modification shall be in writing, signed by the Board or Manager. Such waiver, suspension or modification shall not be deemed an amendment of the Rules and Regulations nor as a precedent for any other special circumstances.

4.02 Liability of District.

It is expressly stipulated that no claim for damage shall be made against the District by reason of the following:
Breakage of service mains by District personnel and interruption of service and the conditions resulting therefrom; breaking of any service or supply line, pipe, cock, or meter by any employee of the District; failure of the water supply; shutting off and turning on water in the water mains; making of connections or extensions; damage caused by water running or escaping from open or defective faucets; burst service pipes or other facilities not owned by the District; damage to water heaters, boilers, or other appliances resulting from shutting water off, or for turning it on, or from inadequate or sporadic pressures, or for doing anything to the system of the District deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or their agents.
The District shall have no responsibility for notification to customers of any of the foregoing conditions. The District hereby reserves the right to cut off the water supply at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate.