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Article VI - Other Personnel

6.00 District Manager.

The Board may appoint a manager to serve for such term and upon such conditions, including compensation, as the Board may establish. The manager shall have general supervision over the administration of the affairs, employees and business of the District and shall be charged with the hiring and discharging of the employees and the management of District properties. He shall supervise the care and custody of all funds of the District and shall have deposited the same in the name of the District in such bank or banks as the Board may select. He should approve all vouchers, orders and checks for payment and shall see that regular books of account of all District transactions are kept.

6.01 Personnel Selection and Tenure.

The selection of agents, engineers, accountants, attorneys and special consultants of the District by the Board will be based upon the relative qualifications and capabilities of the applicants and shall not be based on political services or affiliations. Agents shall hold their offices at the discretion of the Board. Contracts for professional services of engineers, accountants, attorneys and special consultants may be entered into on such terms and conditions as the Board may deem reasonable and proper.