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Article VI - Service Connection

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6.00 Service Connection.

  1. A basic service connection with the District is a 5/8" x 3/4" meter.
  2. Any person desiring a larger meter and supply line must apply for and pay for each larger connection and pay such additional fees and expenses as provided for in operating policy of the District then in effect.
  3. The differential between basic and special connections relate solely to the size of meter and rate applicable thereto; all other rights and privileges shall remain unaffected by such designation.
  4. All applications for water taps shall be passed on by the Board of Directors. Each application shall be addressed to the Board of Directors of the District accompanied by a check for the water tap. The applicant will specifically identify, in writing, the type of service required and the number of dwelling units to be serviced from each meter. The applicant will then specify the size of meter required to service such dwelling unit or units. Applicant may not connect or serve in excess of the stated number of units from such meter without the specific written permission of the District, which permission may include whatever conditions the District deems proper, including but not limited to the applicant obtaining and paying the fees for a larger meter, and applicant paying more than one minimum service charge. The Board of Directors shall grant or deny such application in accordance with its judgement and determination as to whether the supply of water and the capacity of the system is adequate to serve said applicant in addition to supplying the need of the existing customers of the District. The Board shall have authority to impose conditions upon which an application may be granted.

6.01 Basic Water Tap.

  1. A service connection to any building occupied by a family unit and used for residential purposes, including farm operations, livestock raising or any business, provided the farm, livestock or business operations are conducted by the occupants otthe residence and the livestock or business buildings are located on the same parcel of land as the residence.
    1.  Guest House: A service connection is also available to include service to a Guest House as well as the principal residence on the property. A Guest house is a small building or house of ot more than 1,000 square feet total floor area, approved for human habitation by the Pueblo Regional Building Department, situated on the same parcel ofland as the principal residence constructed on the parcel of land, for the temporary (i.e. not to exceed 180 days per calendar year nor more than 180 consecutive days, regardless of the calendar year) non­commercial lodging of non-rent paying guests of the owner of the parcel or property
  2. A service connection to any building occupied by a single business entity and used for business or commercial purpose

6.02 Basic Water Tap.

A building or group of building located on a single tract or parcel of land containing areas and a space or spaces separately rented to tenants or used by the owner for business or commercial purposes, e.g., a shopping center.

6.03 Special Water Tap -- Residential.

  1. A single tract or parcel of land upon which areas are rented for placement of mobile homes for residential purposes, i.e., mobile home parks.
  2. A building or group of contiguous buildings located on a single tract or parcel of land containing areas and spaces separately occupied for residential purposes, e.g., condominiums and apartments.

6.04 With Respect to Meters Currently Installed.

The following shall be deemed the maximum dwelling units to be connected to a water meter unless the customer has previously received written permission from the District to exceed the stated maximum in which event the authorized number of units shall apply:

Meter SizeMaximum Dwelling Units
5/8" x 3/4"1