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Animal Policy

May contain: den, indoors, animal, canine, dog, mammal, pet, and dog house

St. Charles Mesa Water District
Proposed Policy regarding Customers Pets

1. If the Meter reader or Service personnel encounter an Animal ( Dog ) that interferes with there ability to read or service the Districts water meter. They are instructed to inform the Operations Manager.
2. The Operations Manager will contact the property owner and make arrangements to have the District personnel read or service the water meter. If the Operations Manager cannot make personal contact with the property owner, a tag with the request will be left at the property.
3.If arrangements cannot be made with the property owner to safely access the water meter for reading or service. The District will require the water meter to be moved into the Public Right of Way or a remote reader installed. Any fencing or landscaping repair will be the responsibility of the property owner.

St. Charles Mesa Water District
Personal protection regarding Customers Pets.

1. The District will provide training regarding animal and human contact.
2. District personnel are allowed to defend themselves if they feel threaten by means necessary to keep from being injured. District employees may use their meter wrench, pepper spray or other tools supplied by the District in there defense.
3. If an employee is bitten by an animal they are to report it to the District Office and Animal Control. It will be at the District personnel’s discretion if the property owner gets a warning of citation from Animal Control.