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Current Projects (2013)

The photo on the left is of the Generator control panel. It is where you would switch from line power to generator power it is done automatically. When the power is down for a long period of time. The green generator (middle picture) in the picture cost $265,000. It was purchased so that it can operate the entire facility for two days without refueling.
The three pumps in the on the top right were installed at a cost of $82,000.00. The tan pipe pictures (bottom) is a filter to the waste line. The valve in the line opens and the filter valve closes if the filter is not working up to standards.  It does not allow any water to enter the clearwell until it is corrected. The clearwell is a 185,000 gallon tank under the filters where the water is chlorinated and pumped out to our customers. All these components were installed in 2013.(Click a picture to enlarge)