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Develop Implementation Plan

Click here to download a copy of Step 8 – Develop Implementation Plan (in pdf)

8.1     Develop Implementation Schedule

The first measure to be implemented shall be the replacement of the old system meters with new, radio read meters. This will be done in conjunction with all of the other conservation measures and programs. Each program, besides the Radio Read Meters, and the Long Range CIP, are somewhat limited in scope. However, there are 10 programs and measures which were analyzed and are to be implemented. This will allow the District to determine which programs are effective and which are not (if any).

Table 8.1 – St. Charles Mesa Water District Implementation Schedule for Measures and Programs.
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Worksheet 8-1: Implementation Schedule for Measures and Programs



8.2     Develop Plan for Public Participation in Implementation

The District shall notify all customers of upcoming meetings, workshops and demonstrations via mailings, personal contact and on the District's website. In addition, there are 3 public meeting planned, between April, 2010 and June, 2010 to discuss the Conservation Plan. Also, the approved plan will be available on the District's Website.

8.3     Develop Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation Processes

The District shall submit its annual audit, water use records and any other data which is deemed appropriate, to YTG. The results shall be entered into the interactive spreadsheets and the evaluation of each measure and program shall be re-evaluated in this manner, annually. Successful programs shall be continued, and expanded, if necessary. Unsuccessful programs will either be modified, or eliminated. In addition, any customer can provide evaluation to the District, either in writing, at any of the monthly Board meetings, or via the District's website.

Table 8.2 – St. Charles Mesa Water District Evaluation of Conservation Measures and Programs


8.4     Develop Plan for Updating and Revising the Conservation Plan

Updates and revisions to the Conservation Plan shall take place immediately after the material outlined in 8.3, are delivered and assessed by YTG. This should occur in February of each year.

8.5     Define Plan Adoption Date/Plan Completed Date/Plan Approved Date