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Prohibition of Use of District Water (March 21, 2014)

Prohibition of Use of Commercial District Water

Click HERE to download a copy of the Zone II Commercial Rate (in pdf)

March 21, 2014


To: All Media


Subject: Prohibition of use of District supplied water in the commercial cultivation or growing of marihuana in Zone 1 of the District.

At its March 12, 2014, regular monthly meeting, the Board of Directors of the St. Charles Mesa Water District adopted a resolution which prohibits the use of District supplied water for the commercial cultivation or growing of marihuana (marijuana) in Zone I of the District. In addition, the District will not authorize any connection to its water distribution system within Zone I if it is known to the District that the water service is for the commercial cultivation of marijuana or marijuana plants.

This restriction shall remain in effect so long as marihuana is classified as a controlled substance under Title 21, section 813 of the United States Code.

For additional Information, please contact: David K. Simpson (719) 542-4380

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