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Proposed Subdivision Submittal Requirements

  1. The District requests that the Subdivider make an appointment with the District Manager to discuss the subdivision and the District policies prior to submitting the proposed subdivision.
  2. The agent for the Subdivider is required to submit a brief description of the subdivision with a legal description, and sketch plan of the subdivision. The sketch plan shall include the number of lots, and a vicinity map. Article 10.01 (a). A non-refundable fee in the amount of $200.00 must be paid before the subdivision will be evaluated and added to the District's Agenda.
  3. The agent for the Subdivider shall submit the proposed subdivision to the District the first week of the month. The Board of Directors meet the second Wednesday of every month. The Board information packets are mailed the Friday prior to the meeting. Any proposal submitted on that Friday or later will not be considered that month.
  4. A letter stating the water service conditions to the proposed subdivision based on the District policies will be mailed after the Board meeting.

District policies regarding water system extension are stated in the District Regulations under ARTICLE X